Terrence Chambers

Terrence Chambers

Technical Analyst && Web Developer && Life Hacker

About Me

I'm a Positive and Fun (and funny) Technical Analyst in the Kansas City area looking for a Technical Support role or Entry Level Web Developer role with a company that will allow me to grow into a web developer role. I have experience at Desk-side and Helpdesk roles troubleshooting hardware and software issues on operating systems Windows XP, 7, and Mac OSX. I have used ticketing systems like HP Service Desk, Remedy, and proprietary systems.

I've been doing Front End Web Development since 2008 working with HTML, CSS, some javascript and PHP. I decided to grow my skills and started taking Web Development classes at Johnson County Community College in 2013 P/T and currently have a GPA of 3.0.

I'm also learning Full Stack Development and Software Engineering (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, javascript, jQuery) at FreeCodeCamp.com

Portfolio & Projects


ADHDawareness.com, my website, is dedicated to helping people with ADHD reduce their symptoms naturally. I have been working on this since 2006 and was my first website.

Painless Cooking Store

I helped Painlesscooking.com accomplish cohesive branding between their store and website. I also setup the digital download plugin, products, and configured all the settings. I helped many clients with these types of projects on various stores and blogs like: Wordpress, Shopify, Blogger, and Cubecart.


HealthStudio.com is a Wordpress site I designed for a friend and mentor after her last design was compromised by hackers. I also cleaned up a lot of the injected code. This is a site that I do ongoing work on.

Random Quote Machine

I created the Random Quote Machine from an API using javascript and JSONP. I also created the Tweet button using the Twitter Intent url to add the dynamic content to share. Also, if there are too many characters, the content is shortened.

Local Weather App

I created this Local Weather App using javascript and an API from wunderground.com. The API auto-detects the user's location and pulls the weather data in. It defaults to the visitor's country's metric system with an option to change it with a click.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

The Rock, Paper, Scissors Game is the first game I created. The computer's choice is random and the user makes their own choice each time. It also keeps score to see who wins.

Pomodor Timer

I created the Pomodoro Timer using the FlipClock.js script. This timer counts down from the set time. There is a visual and auditory notification (audio not working on mobile), then the break timer starts. At the end of the break timer, there are the same notifications and the Session timer starts again.

Jquery Javascript Calculator

I created a calculator using jQuery and Javascript The math operations can be chained together or a single operation can be performed.

Wikipedia Viewer

I created a WikiPedia Viewer using jQuery. With this, you can search articles from Wikipedia and click on each entry to open the page in a new window. There is a Random Article button that will open a random page on Wikipedia.

Rylan the Artist

Rylan contacted me to design a site (RylanTheArtist.com) based on another site he saw. I created his site using a bootstrap template.

Project to come

Project to come


Johnson County Community College - Web Development - Currently Attending - 22 credits earned

FreeCodeCamp.com - Fullstack Web Development / Software Engineering - Currently Attending

LaunchCode.org education program (2016) and Apprenticeship program (2017)

Contact or Connect With Me

Visit my pages below to view my work and history or to email me.

Email: Terrence[at]TerrenceChambers[dot]com